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Had our first trip of the spring on 4/12. We had beautiful weather and good fishing all day.  The crew of four ended up with their limit of 24 plus 8 for Dean and I. The largest fish was about 9lbs.

4/12 Tog

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Beautiful day in the ocean today, but a tough tog bite.  Fished a handful of pieces and we had a slow pick throughout the day.  The party of 2 ended up with 8 keepers + 2 for the crew. 

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Nice day of tog fishing... Things got off to a slow start but the afternoon bite was good. The group of guys ended up with a boat limit of 24, and released a bunch more. Bob caught and released the largest fish of the day that was 10+lbs.

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We got on Friday 1/2 for our first trip of 2015. There was a pretty good tog bite for most of the morning, but once the current died, so did the bite. We had a slow pick throughout the rest of the day.  The group of 4 went home with 15 nice ones up to 11.5 lbs. 

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Finally able to get out on an afternoon trip to do some inshore flounder fishing. We fished a reef fairly close to the beach and had some great flounder action. Each drift produced some nice keepers. We were back in the slip early with some nice keepers up to 5.5lbs. Flounder fishing should continue to be good into the fall. 4-5hrs trips are available right now. As things slow down on the big boat, I will then be available to do some full day fishing on the Reef Chief.  For more information on chartering the Reef Chief you may contact me at 410-458-8343.  


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We headed out on Tuesday with a nice group of guys that fished with us earlier this spring. We started fishing in 90ft of water, but with a picky tog bite and lots of seabass we headed a little shallower. It was a picky bite most of the day and lots of adjusting the anchors. Finally, late in the day the wind and current straightened out and we put a catch together. Ben ended the day with the two largest. One that weighed 14lbs and the other 9.5lbs.

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We headed out on Friday with a great group of guys from New York. We fished a few different pieces and all but one had lots of life. Lots of throwbacks mixed in with the occasional keeper. By days end the group ended up with their 16 fish limit up to 8lbs + 1 for the crew.


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We headed out Saturday with a marginal weather forecast, but were greeted with calm winds and a big leftover ground swell. Fishing was slow during the morning with a picky bite and a lot of fish falling short of the 16 inch minimum. Once the current eased in the afternoon the bite was much better. The guys made quick order of their 16 fish limit up to 10lbs in the last few hours.


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Headed out today with light winds, but a steep swell out of the south. We were planning on heading south but with the left over swell, we had to make a detour to the east.  Got set up on our first spot in about 100ft of water and we had bites right away. We put a few in the box in the first hour and also had some throwbacks. We fished a few others spots and had flurries of action throughout the day.  The guys ended up with 10 keepers up to about 7lbs. 



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Headed out Wednesday with winds less than 5 knots.  We had beautiful conditions all day long. Unfortunately, the water temps are starting to drop very quick. I ended up running off about 23 miles, and fished in about 120ft of water. The bite was very picky, and the ones that were biting were shorts. We picked away at the fish during the morning, until the current went slack and the bite completely shut off.  The guys ended up with a handful of keepers up to 6lbs. The bite should improve once the water temps get back up in the lower 40s.
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