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Flounders didnt want to cooperate today, but the trigger fish did. Kept 26 trigger fish and threw back a bunch more.  Also had 3 flounder up to 4.5lbs. 

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Fished for flounder in the morning before we went sharking. Ended up keeping 7 nices ones up to 4.5lbs. Anchored up for sharks around 1130 and it didnt take long to see the first one.  Had steady action through the afternoon catching and releasing spinner and blacktip sharks.


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Had a 5hr inshore trip this afternoon and we were looking for some flounder and sharks. We did a couple drifts over some structure on our way to the sharking grounds.  We kept a few nice ones up to 3lbs.  There was also plenty of shark action. We caught a released some spinner and black tip sharks. 

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Beautiful day on the water, with lots of action.  We caught and released sandbar, blue, and hammerhead sharks up to about 200lbs. 

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Stayed close to the beach due to high winds, but had a nice afternoon with plenty of action.  Had a mix of togs up to 5lbs, codfish, and seabass. 

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With the seabass bite not so hot, we decided to try some togging first thing in the morning. Started off fishing about 12 miles off and had some decent tog action with fish up to 7lbs.  Once the guys caught their limit of 10, we moved off further to fish for seabass.  We drifted a bunch of different pieces and picked away at some nice seabass and codfish.  By days end the group ended up with 10 togs, 40 seabass, and few nice cod fish. 

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Beautiful day on the water with a great group of guys from England.  We had good action for most of the day with a mix of tog,cod, and seabass.  The group kept 11 tog up to 9lbs, 2 cod, and threw back a bunch more. 

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Picky tog bite today in some rough sea conditions early on. The bite did pick up in the afternoon but a lot of fish fell just short of the minimum size. The group still manage a decent catch of togs up to about 6lbs.

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We did get out Saturday in flat calm conditions.  It was a picky tog bite for most of the morning. Once the wind and current straightened out in the afternoon we saw some better fishing. The group of four worked hard and finished one fish shy of their limit. Joe's fish was the largest of the day and weighed just under 12 lbs.

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Another beautiful day on the water, but a little slower tog bite than yesterday. The crew of four ended up with 14 keepers up to 8lbs.  Also had 1 keeper codfish and a bunch of throw back tog. 


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